Store Break-Ins Prompt Customer to Upgrade

A local sporting goods, guns and ammunition store wanted to upgrade their security system to protect high-value items from theft.


The owners of a local sporting goods, guns and ammunition store were concerned about their business’s security because there had been a rash of attempted burglaries and break-ins in the area. Their existing alarms and cameras were operational, but they were concerned that sooner or later the thieves would make an attempt on their store. Their primary goal was to deter attempted burglars until police arrived. The police had informed them that thieves were breaking into the businesses by ramming the front of a store with a stolen vehicle and then hooking a chain to the storefront security bars and pulling the storefront system out of the opening. While the owners already had security bars and bollard posts in front of the building, they wanted to increase store security further.


DH Pace installed an electric security shutter on the exterior of the building to further protect the building from break-ins. The use of steel security shutters on the exterior also served to protect the storefront and glass from destruction. In addition, several sensitive areas inside the building were also protected with security shutters. The entire system is controlled by a keyed security switch.


Our team suggested rolling steel doors because it not only gave the owners security, but also offered glass protection. With the doors mounted to the building exterior, they are even more secure so a burglar is not likely to attempt to pull the doors out of an opening.